The prospect of a second Skyward Sword release has made me positively giggly!
When I learned that a Skyward Sword remaster for Switch is likely underway, my reaction was something like this.

So as you can read about in this article, Grezzo, the team that worked on OoT3D and MM3D claims to be “creating a legend” for the Switch. Given the circumstances, it’s safe to assume that we’re getting another Zelda remaster for the Switch, and at this point there’s only one 3D Zelda title(Breath of the Wild excluded, for obvious reasons) that hasn’t gotten a remaster since Ocarina of Time 3D released in 2011: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which, by the way, happens to be in a three-way tie with Breath of the Wild and Majora’s Mask for my favorite Zelda game. And though it holds such a special place in my heart, there are some undeniable flaws that need to be addressed in the game’s inevitable remaster. And I really do mean inevitable, because come on: whether Grezzo is currently working on this or not, it’s bound to happen eventually.

1. Fully Voice Acted Custcenes

This is easily the most ambitious and least realistic change on the list, but it’s one that I believe the game would benefit tremendously from. Skyward Sword is, by far, the most cinematic title the Zelda franchise has put out in its thirty-one year history. The game’s cutscenes have a ton of personality to them, from the dynamic camera angles to the music that seems tailor-made to match what’s transpiring. Breath of the Wild really felt like a backpedal in this regard as it added voice acted cutscenes but decided against making the cutscenes ambitious. Most are dreary affairs with little action. If there’s a Zelda game that should have been the first to experiment with voice acting, it’s Skyward Sword. It actually TRIES with all of its cinematics. I mean, just look at either of these cutscenes and you’ll see what I mean:

And let’s be honest, you want a fully voiced Ghirahim and Groose. You know you do.


2. An Option to Play Without Motion Controls

Now, personally, I never really had much of an issue with the motion controls in Skyward Sword. I would probably be down for using the joycons as the Wiimote and nunchuck stand-ins they are, but the reality is that many found Skyward Sword’s motion controls bothersome and it hindered their enjoyment of the game. Some have even reported the motion controls as being enough to prevent them from playing the game at all.

As I said, I don’t share this sentiment, but with the Switch’s control layout I don’t see why Nintendo wouldn’t be able to provide a way to play the game that doesn’t require the use of motion controls. I’ve always hated the hate that this game has gotten mainly because of the motion controls, and I’d love for Skyward Sword to be given its chance at redemption in the eyes of many Zelda fans.


3. Fix Fi’s Handholding/Fix the Item Pickup Problem

Cheating a bit by counting these two as one, but they’re really part of the same problem with Skyward Sword: way too many instances of pausing and taking the player out of the action just to have to be dragged through completely unnecessary text. Fi’s handholding is so self-explanatory I won’t even elaborate further on it.

As for that second thing, I think you know what I’m talking about. But I’ll say it anyway: when you pick up a new collectible in Skyward Sword the game pauses and it triggers an animation where Link holds the item aloft as a descriptive message flashes onscreen. That would be fine if that were the end of it, except each time you reboot the game it resets so that if you pick up the same item again you’ll have to go through the same animation and message. It may not sound like a big deal without having experienced it firsthand, but trust me: it’s really obnoxious and it’s so easy a fix that it’s frustrating it was ever in the game to begin with.


4. Name the Loftwing

I don’t think this is something that’s discussed much, if at all, but I find it more than a little odd that Link’s crimson Loftwing was never actually given a name. I don’t care whether we have a name forced upon us or if we can name the flying steed ourselves, but it’s impossible to develop any sort of attachment to the animal as a character, like Epona, rather than a vehicle. And the game goes out of its way to emphasize how strong a bond Link and the Loftwing share. Ideally I’d like to see the Loftwing be given more prominence and characterization, but this is a remaster, not a remake, so a name is probably the most that can be expected.


5. Ghirahim Amiibo

He’s possibly my favorite fictional character and he’s definitely the best Zelda villain, so I’d be one of the first in line for a Ghirahim amiibo. Please, Nintendo, I want Ghirahim merchandise. And yes, there will be definitely be an amiibo released for the remaster, because that’s an established trend with Nintendo remasters at this point.

It would fill my heart with rainbows.

And who else is there to get one, really? We already have an amiibo of Skyward Sword Link. Fi is too despised to be in the running. Groose and Impa aren’t quite major enough as characters. His only real competition is Skyward Sword Zelda, which I could definitely see happening, but that’s such a DULL choice. I think people would appreciate a Ghirahim amiibo more.

6. Visuals That Are Actually Improved

One of the draws of Wind Waker HD was just how much more GORGEOUS the game looked because the time was actually put in to improve the visuals of the game, among other things. And it was already a decent looking game. It didn’t feel like a soulless cash grab.

But Twilight Princess HD sure did. The visuals were basically completely unchanged, just readjusted to be compatible with HD.

Don’t let this one be a low/no effort glorified port, Nintendo. Give us some shiny new visuals to admire. And let’s face it, Skyward Sword needs it. The art style was gorgeous at times, but at others it looks washed out and gonk-ish.

He's never looked less fabulous.
Less like this…
You can see the fabric of his cape, UGH, it looks so good.
…And more like this.

Whatever happens with the remaster, I’ll be sure to pick it up. I just hope they take care to make it a marked improvement over the original, and not another… you know.

Zant should really be on the boxart, shouldn't he?


  • anon

    I liked the artical until the unneccecary rip on Twilight Princess HD. I genuinely enjoyed Twilight Princess HD, and it still looks great. There’s no reason to shit on it like that.

    • Willtendo

      It’s plain to see that they didn’t put nearly as much effort into remastering that game as they did with WWHD, and not just in terms of graphics. But hey, if you like it more power to you. Differing opinions are fine.

      …Maybe that last graphic was a bit much.

      • Asmith

        Wind waker is a totally different graphic style too so it’s going to look different.