This is a guest post by user Sterlilng Axel.

Recently, I was discussing with a friend of mine the possibilities posed by the collaboration of Koei Tecmo and Nintendo on both Hyrule Warriors (and its re-releases on the 3DS and upcoming on the Nintendo Switch) and Fire Emblem Warriors. That friend is the guy who runs this blog, who has apparently decided that his new online moniker shall be Willtendo, and after our discussion, he asked me to contribute my thoughts publicly.

Hyrule Warriors is a game I found pretty darn enjoyable. As a longtime fan of The Legend of Zelda, the opportunity to play as so many beloved characters was tantalizing enough in and of itself. Sure, I could turn on Super Smash Bros. and kick Luigi around as Link, or Zelda, or Ganondorf. But where else would I get the opportunity to bash Bokoblin brains in with Ruto, or Fi? The prospect of new DLC for the game with its upcoming port excites me beyond belief.

But I don’t want a Hyrule Warriors 2. Instead, I’d like a long sequence of games mashing up the Warriors gameplay formula with Nintendo properties. In fact, Hyrule Warriors wasn’t the first to do this – Samurai Warriors 3 included a retelling of a game that was then known as Nazo no Murasame Jo and considered an obscure Japanese-only artifact, but since a worldwide 3DS rerelease and references in Wii U era games such as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Land, has now become known as the “pretty fun game” The Mysterious Murasame Castle.

When Hyrule Warriors was first announced, two pretty obvious ideas were suggested by fans as successors. Super Mario Bros., as the biggest Nintendo property, and Fire Emblem, as the property already most in line with the Dynasty Warriors franchise thematically. However, the point I’ve rambled around for the past four paragraphs is that my idea for a Nintendo/Warriors crossover to succeed Fire Emblem Warriors is so much better than something boring like Smash Warriors, or Mario Warriors, or Hyrule Warriors 2.

Imagine if you will, Kirby: Star Warriors.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Kirby doesn’t have the volume of popular characters that would get people as excited for a Kirby Warriors as they are for Zelda. Kirby isn’t thematically close to what Koei Tecmo typically works with. These are reasonable concerns, but allow me to assuage them.

Through the story mode, most of the time, you’ll be playing as Kirby. Maybe there’s a Meta Knight arc, maybe characters like King Dedede and Adeleine join you and maybe you can play as them, but most of the time, you’ll be playing as Kirby. Kirby’s base moveset is about what you’d expect from him – jabs with his nubby appendages, some explosive stars, sucking powers, spitting powers, stuff like that. But also, certain characters, which can be encountered during a battle with about the same frequency at which named characters appeared as foes during Hyrule Warriors, grant him copy abilities! And those give him a fully new moveset, based on one of the copy abilities, which can be as straightforward as Ninja or Sword or Hammer, but also as unique as Ball, or Spider.

Now consider that as you’re playing, while you maintain a singular storyline, you are also getting to know different copy abilities. Developing preferences. And then, when it comes time for something more like the challenge mode, you can instead pick one of the copy abilities to play as its own character. Like Fire? Well, screw hoping you’ll come across one in stage to get to use it – just play as Burning Leo.

So much more could be done with this, with a whole catalogue of characters and movesets that are built around one character but can become many more. These are Kirby’s beloved characters, after all. Kirby fans aren’t calling for the return of characters like Gooey (except for me, I am doing that, regularly), because Kirby isn’t really about that kind of thing. By having all the cute copy ability characters from Super Star or the upcoming Star Allies as playables in a Warriors game, by letting someone “main” a copy ability and making the abilities so much more fleshed out than they’ve ever been since Super Star established movesets for abilities beyond one button, Kirby fans will be attracted in the exact same way that Zelda fans were. They can take what is beloved about Kirby, and make it better, or, at the very least, more of a Warriors game.

Sure, bring on more Hyrule Warriors, more Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario Warriors, Smash Warriors, SURE. Just as long as Kirby Warriors gets to see the light of day.