There’s been a lot of demand for Nintendo to remaster Sunshine. Despite being the black sheep of Mario games for most of its existence, it seems to be looked back upon with a bit more appreciation lately. If Nintendo does decide to grace us with a remaster then there are certain changes that should be made in order to fix the original’s flaws.

5. Fix The Damn Pachinko Level

You know the one. Merely covering up the bottomless pit that makes you start the entire level over would be enough to fix this travesty. Do it, Nintendo.

This looks more like something out of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Except that game would never have such horrible level design.

4. Unlockable Luigi

So far we’ve had one remaster of a 3D Mario title, and that’s Super Mario 64 DS. Okay, well, it’s more of a remake than a remaster, as one of that game’s key features was the inclusion of three new playable characters. While I certainly wouldn’t expect or even want a Super Mario Sunshine rerelease to go that far, I do think that people would love to be able to play as Luigi in some capacity. Just pull a Galaxy and have him as the reward for collecting all of the Shines. It’d be a much better reward than that lame picture of all the Piantas and Nokis that nobody possibly could have enjoyed seeing.

Undo the damage Odyssey hath wrought.

3. Redone Cutscenes

Obviously they’re going to need to give the cutscenes a graphical touch-up, but there’s more that needs fixing. Take the sound mixing for example: it can be pretty horrible. There are points where the music totally overpowers the voice acting; a remaster should strive to fix that. Speaking of voice acting, that’s another issue: Sunshine has a reputation for having really bad VA. Truth be told, it’s really only Bowser and FLUDD that are the problem; the former sounds like Spike from Tom and Jerry, and the latter’s voice is just grating. I would assume that if they were to update the VA at all they’d give everybody new voices, but it’s really just those two that need it.

Toadsworth’s VA was perfect, as I recall.

2. An Actual Map

I’ve never seen anybody else bring it up, but it always struck me as strange that this game couldn’t be bothered to include an actual map. The map we got was just a general overview of what Isle Delfino looks like along with the relative positions of each area. If you click on an area, instead of receiving something useful like a map of the level’s layout, you get a paragraph of flavor text with accompanying image. Fabulous. Don’t get me wrong, styling it like a brochure is great – Odyssey would take that idea and run with it later – but it needs to have some actual functionality as a map.

All style, no substance.

1. Streamlined Blue Coins

Blue coins are widely considered the most sloppily handled aspect of Sunshine, and for good reason. If you collect ten, you can trade them in for a Shine Sprite, and there’s 240 of the little buggers scattered across the world, meaning a solid chunk of the alleged 120 Shine Sprites in the game are pure filler. In addition to this, the game does not tell you how many blue coins are in each area, nor does it let you keep track of how many blue coins you’ve collected in each area; and keep in mind that THERE ARE DIFFERENT BLUE COINS FOR EACH MISSION. Plus they’re often hidden in absolutely ridiculous places that nobody would think to check/spray without looking at a guide. Finding all the blue coins without using some outside resource is a nigh impossible task. The blue coins are probably the most poorly-done collectible system I’ve ever seen.

If Sunshine gets a remaster, it is absolutely imperative that they fix this mess. They need to take a leaf out of Odyssey’s book and have a menu feature that details how how many of the blue coins you’ve collected as well as where you’ve collected them. Yet that’s still not good enough; they would need to furthermore include a feature wherein you can have the blue coins marked on your map by paying a fee, sort of like the Hint Toad. Do this and Sunshine’s greatest flaw will have been largely fixed.

If Tom Nook’s morbidly obese cousin is going to hold Shine Sprites for ransom, the least he could do is show you where the blue coins are.