I recently joined a Valentine’s event hosted by Adventure Rules that paired me up with a Secret Santa-style event that allowed me to learn about a fellow gaming blogger. I was worried that the person I got paired with either wouldn’t post about Nintendo content, rendering my judgement ineffectual, or wouldn’t have a particularly good blog. Luckily neither of those things turned out to be the case, and I lucked out in getting The Codex: Online as my valentine. The gaming blog is run by the notably studly-looking William Hoelscher, who refers to himself as The Keeper.

The first thing that struck me about his site is how damn sleek and stylized it is. While many bloggers simply go with a basic theme template and do little to make the layout their own(guilty), The Keeper keeps better care of his site than that. You’ll find that the page backgrounds don’t have drab plain backgrounds, but instead incorporate images that really make the site’s appearance pop. And the site has a fair degree of personalization that really allows it a fun identity: for instance, rather than have a simple “Followers” section in the sidebar, The Keeper named it “The Order of the Codex”. I love it! Most impressive of all, though, is that the site is only a month old, having been created in January of 2018. My first impression was that the site had been around for much longer given the level of visual polish.

But never mind the site design, because in the end it’s content that makes or breaks a blog. And fortunately The Keeper delivers in that regard. The site updates regularly, with the promise of at least two new posts released a week. As I said, the site is a month old, so there isn’t a much in terms of quantity(yet), but there is quality. Of particular note is The Keeper’s A Look Back At Gaming in 2017, which reflects upon one of the best years in gaming, which was even well-written enough to get me to read about the non-Nintendo games discussed. His most recent article, My favorite game for every year I’ve been alive? is another interesting piece that has a lot of respectable picks, and it’s nice to read the thoughts of someone who’s been around longer than I have and has experienced older generations of gaming.

I myself have already become a member of The Order of the Codex so that I can peruse The Codex: Online in the future, and I wholly encourage you to do the same!

To the best-looking Valentine I ever had: William Hoelscher, of The Codex: Online!


  • !!! Well then. I uh… im not sure where or how I should begin thanking you. This post is potentially the kindest set of words that any one human has ever knit together about me or something I’ve created.

    Thank you, so much, for giving my page and my posts a read. As you said, my blog is fairly new and I’ve been working hard to get it to a place where it can at least drink at the same bar with some of the incredible pages I’ve seen from this community. “Sleek and stylized” is more than I deserve! Thank you.

    I’m also glad that you enjoyed some of the posts you read. Especially since (knowing that this is your area of expertise) Nintendo games are just a small piece of what I’ve written about. The fact that you’re focus is on Nintendo games (excellent name btw, Willtendo) is an example of one of the things that makes this whole blogging experience a blast. We/ both write about games but with so many different ways of looking at them. Its a fun practice in broadening ones horizons. Thank you.

    Then there were lines like “studly” and “best looking” with reference most likely to my very buff and bearded avatar, lol. He’s buffer than I am anyways (though I like to think I take better care of my beard) and spends his off time training me, so thank you from us both!

    Finally, thank you for taking this event seriously and for putting time and energy into your post. I hope that everyone who participated wakes up to read something like this about their own blogs. I can tell you now, if that’s the case, that this morning is going to be a most excellent morning for a lot of folks.

    Happy Valentine’s day, Willtendo. Thank you for everything and for reading along with The Codex: Online.

    • Willtendo

      No problemo mi amigo! Glad you liked it.

      Also, I was actually referring to that picture of yourself you have in your bio page and not your avatar.

      • ^__^ Thanks again señor. I hope you and yours have a good day!