With e3 coming up, the time is ripe to discuss predictions. Not just in the sense of what we WILL see, but what we WON’T see as well; here are five announcements that absolutely should be shown off this e3, but in all likelihood won’t.

5. Kid Icarus: Uprising Port

Kid Icarus is a gem of a game. It’s funny, because I had originally gone into GameStop one day with the intention of buying Star Fox 64 3D, but made the split-second decision to purchase Uprising instead. It’s a good thing I did, because Uprising is far and away the best title on the 3DS, and that’s saying a LOT. I firmly believe that they really had something special with this game, and that with the proper support from Nintendo, this franchise could soar in popularity and become one of Nintendo’s heavy-hitters, especially with expansion of the game’s online services. But alas, Project Sora has disbanded, and the game’s director, Masahiro Sakurai, has stated that he has no intention of developing a sequel. My dream is that we’ll get an HD port on the Switch so that the game can get the credit it deserves, and that perhaps the sales will prompt Nintendo to consider pushing for a sequel.

Of course, the best thing that would come out of this is seeing Hades in HD.

4. Yoshi’s Island 3D Remake

The Yoshi series has long suffered from an identity crisis. The original Yoshi’s Island is an absolute classic, and what many would consider the absolute best title on the SNES, as well as what I might argue is the greatest sidescroller Nintendo’s ever made. Since then we’ve gotten two straightforward sequels(both totally inferior to the original) as well as a variety of distinct titles such as Yoshi’s Story and Yoshi’s Woolly World. The Yoshi series seems content with ripping off Kirby’s Epic Yarn’s shtick for now, but I think there’s a far more desirable direction for the franchise to take: make the leap into 3D.

Nintendo’s been good about giving us epic 3D adventures on the Switch: Breath of the Wild and Odyssey are flagship titles, and their example is one worth following. Why not take the concept of the original Yoshi’s Island and add another dimension to it? Keep the same concept – Baby Luigi needs to be rescued, keep the level themes and boss battles… but do it all in glorious 3D. I know that the legendary boss fight against Baby Bowser in 3D would be a sight to behold.

Alternatively: Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation remake?

3. New IP By Retro Studios

Many fans are simply beside themselves with the thought of Retro Studios having been working on a new IP all this time. Retro is known for creating absolute masterpieces in the genres they tackle, whether they’re developing an FPS a la Metroid Prime or a sidescrolling platformer such as with the latest Donkey Kong Country games. Retro has always been used in making great entries into already established franchises, and it’s caused a lot of us to wonder what they could do with the creative freedom to make their very own IP. While that would indeed be a sight to behold, I don’t believe we’re going to see it happen. Credible sources have already reported on the rumored Star Fox Grand Prix, said to be developed by Retro, and after Kingdom Battle turned out to be true I can’t help but be less skeptical towards this sort of thing. In a perfect world we would be getting a new IP from Retro, but signs aren’t pointing in that direction.

After the immense failure that was Star Fox Zero, the idea of another attempt at a Star Fox title, spin-off or otherwise, seems far-fetched. Perhaps there is still some reason to cling to hope.

2. Virtual Console

We’ve been demanding it for the entirety of the Switch’s life thus far. It’s been over a year since the system’s release, and we have yet to have any sort of confirmation that they’re working on bringing the Virtual Console to the Switch. In fact, there’s ample reason to think that they aren’t planning on bringing the Virtual Console to the Switch at all. It’s been speculated that doing so would undermine the success of Nintendo’s mini consoles – NES Mini and SNES Mini thus far – as well as talk about how a subscription streaming service would be a much more modern take, and one that would complement their paid online service quite well. Personally I’m of the mind that it’s better to own the games outright and simply purchase what you want to rather than have to make continuous payments towards effectively renting games. I’d love to see the Virtual Console at e3, but I expect it will end up a relic of the past.

Come on, Nintendo, just let us have this one. You know we want it more than anything in the world.

1. Animal Crossing

I know a lot of people are anticipating that this could be the year it finally happens, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it ain’t happening. I do think that the title must be fairly far along in development; it’s been nearly SIX YEARS since the release of New Leaf, and what has the team given us in the meantime? Happy Home Designer? Pocket Camp? AMIIBO FESTIVAL?! HA!! There is no WAY that these asset-reusing spin-offs have taken up six years worth of their development time. The next core entry has no doubt been in development for years now. So based on that line of reasoning alone, it would seem like now’s the time.

So why don’t I think it’ll be shown off? Simple: there’s too many other games to cover. Think about it: Smash, Fire Emblem, BOTH upcoming Pokemon titles, and Metroid all major players, and they all seem like guaranteed appearances. Never mind the smaller-scale titles that might ALSO be unveiled such as Pikmin, Monolith Soft’s new IP, and whatever Retro is working on. Animal Crossing has risen to become one of Nintendo’s most successful IPs; wouldn’t it make more sense to hold off on it until next e3, when they most likely won’t have so many huge titles to show off? If I’m proven wrong then so be it, but for now I’m betting against Animal Crossing making any kind of appearance.

Well, except for Isabelle being announced as a Smash newcomer. In that sense I suppose Animal Crossing could make an appearance.